Who is Wellbeing Works?

Wellbeing Works is a performance, engagement and wellbeing consultancy firm, specialising in creating work environments that enable people to thrive. We use data driven analysis and evidence-based solutions to help our clients, organisations like yours, to achieve optimal performance by improving their employees’ wellbeing and engagement.

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Why is wellbeing important?

Wellbeing, and wellbeing in the workplace, go beyond just the concept of “wellness”, or healthy living. While these are important, wellbeing is a complex blend of the physical, psychological, social and relationship aspects of employees’ working lives. It includes factors such as their working environment and how they get on with their colleagues.

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7 Key Elements to Workplace Wellbeing

After careful research and analysis, Wellbeing Works have created 7 Key Elements to Workplace Wellbeing. Our holistic, data-driven approach analyses the bigger picture to ensure we can offer solutions and advice that are right for your organisation but wellbeing is always at the very heart of what we do.wellbeing-7

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Wellbeing Works for...

The following provide bespoke examples of how we can tailor Wellbeing Works to work for different public and private sector organisations.

Case Studies

View our case studies to see just a few examples of how Wellbeing Works has implemented the 7 Elements to Workplace Wellbeing in a number of public and private sector organisations.



A well-known University wanted help to improve staff wellbeing, absenteeism and engagement levels.

The university commissioned Wellbeing Works to carry out an analysis of the underlying causes of these issues and to advise on this.

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Our Clients

We work with many different organisations, across a range of sectors, to deliver performance-driven results.

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