Our Day With Supply Chain North East

Yesterday we attended an enlightening, informative event at The Wilton International Centre, exploring the history of the chemical processing sector in the North East. We were able to learn all about the past, present and future of the chemical process sector to see how we can branch out and grow our business in this sector.

Clare Wheeler of Business Cogs shared her extensive knowledge from working in this industry with us. She highlighted the vital priority in the chemical processing sector, which was safety. There is a continuous drive for safety in this fast moving domain and it appears to be the be all and end all of this industry, which got us thinking do they value psychological safety as much as they do physical safety? The need for physical safety in this line of work is clear as the consequence of an error or accident has the potential to be catastrophic. However we feel that physical and psychological safety should go hand in hand as without a psychologically safe environment all employees are at risk of avoidable harm.

Paul Callaghan of Covol Engineering was a guest speaker and he offered invaluable insights as how we can supply our business tool, Team Works, to the process sector. As a rapidly growing sector that is keen to invest in safety whilst maintaining a efficient, innovative team Team Works can measure the levels each team is thriving, hiving or surviving and offer further interventions to maintain and improve safety levels across this sector.

Workers in a psychologically safe environment feel more comfortable putting forward new ideas, expressing opinions and reporting accidents and mistakes, These are not expressed in environments that are not psychologically safe as they fear they will be faced with backlash and embarrassment. By introducing Psychological safety into your culture, it is found to increase motivation, productivity and efficiency whilst reducing errors and absences.

We couldn’t have attended a more informative event which was only made even more exciting by Terry Waldron from Sembcorp providing a tour of the Wilton International Site whilst sharing his extensive knowledge of the companies on site and beyond!

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