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We understand that some organisations don’t have the time or staff resource to implement and manage the Team Works survey or the work that will follow, we are happy to offer this consultancy service to you. Taking location and sector specifics into account, Hamish will identify one of our trusted Team Works licence holders to work with you and project manage the service offered.

Improving psychological safety



Organisational Development and Change Management

Increase organisational effectiveness and engage staff in envisaged future direction and change. Tailored to your needs we provide a structured analysis of the issues facing the organisation and relevant support in implementing positive change. Accordingly, our training courses have been developed to meet the specific needs of leaders and managers as well as the general business skills and personal effectiveness needs of all employees.

Promoting Wellbeing and Reducing Absence

Using the Team Works tool which identifies impaired well-being, absence, presenteeism and where absence levels are of real concern, we can offer diagnosis and advice. We can provide structured analysis of the issues facing individuals and the organisation and relevant support that can be provided.

Focus Groups

If further clarification is needed around the Team Works data we would often recommend speaking to employees in small groups, we would facilitate these meetings enabling employees to speak up about concerns they feel need addressing.

Leadership and Management Development

Leadership involves being clear about where you want to take an organisation or team, accepting responsibility for your actions and that of those who are involved in the delivery of that task.

We do this by:

  • Systematically evaluating managers’ capabilities and behaviours.
  • Providing bespoke learning environments which challenge existing behaviours and practices and encourage the managers to develop their behaviours and skills.
  • Create an environment where managers can develop the skills to motivate and inspire others.
  • Facilitate the implementation of the changes needed through one to one support, engagement projects and practical application in the workplace.

Needless to say, the best development comes in a highly supportive but challenging mode where participants are able to interact with others but see how they can develop and the impact of that development.

Recommended Intervention Workshops

We will deliver workshops to your Teams that have been identified as necessary improvements in your Team Works reports. While these workshops have been written in advance they can also be tailored to your industry sector or specific needs.

Feedback to the Board

We are more than happy to present your Team Works data to your Board. We will explain the data in detail, make recommendations for improvement and answer any questions they may have to enable them to understand the data.


Please contact us for a bespoke quote for this service.

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