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Team Works

Team Works is an innovative diagnostic reporting tool that can measure your Team’s Psychological Safety and Wellbeing. An easy to answer, online survey is completed by all Team members, in return, you will receive a comprehensive report which includes recommended interventions to improve your Team’s performance.

Team Works: Improving psychological safety




We support you to provide a work environment where people can Thrive through enhanced Team engagement and improved Team Wellbeing.

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Wellbeing Works also offer other tools to measure the Psychological Safety and Wellbeing of Boards and Senior Leadership teams.

More information can be found at the website https://www.board-works.co.uk/

Or in the documents below:

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Licenses Licenses

If you are looking for a diagnostic tool that can add value to the service you offer, validated evidence in a concise report that you can base your service delivery on, support from the Wellbeing Works team as well as providing an additional income stream to your business, please click for more information...

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Consulting Consulting

We are always looking for individuals and companies who wish to license our Team Works technology and who want to became a consultant. As a consultant you will already have some knowledge and understanding of how we measure psychological safety through our Thriving, Hiving and Surviving Model and are in a position to learn more about our process and theory and apply this to support teams.

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