Case Studies

Case Studies

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A UK manufacturer


As one of the national market leaders in heating systems, this client had ambitious plans to refocus its efforts to optimise anticipated opportunities and grwth in the business to business sectors.

Wellbeing Works was commissioned to help it to reshape its structure; appointing new sales and marketing managers across the UK. The time frame allocated to this was very short.

The market place for talented sales and marketing individuals is challenging because relatively few applicants are consistently able to deliver the results required and maintain professional relationships with a wide range of customer categories.


On taking the brief, Wellbeing Works established with the client what “excellence in the role” looked like – this included bio data, typical sales results profiles, personal characteristics and styles of operating. Utilising these factors, we created an assessment centre to which we invited 420 individuals. These participants were sourced via social media, company referrals, customer suggestions and a recruitment agency. (Interestingly of the 39 final appointees, only 8 came from the recruitment agency).

Wellbeing Works saw candidates from across the UK in a concentrated three week project.The recruitment process included testing for critical reasoning, sales skills, personality testing and styles of operating. From these tests, candidates were interviewed by Wellbeing Works with recommendations to the company for final review and decision.

At the same time, management candidates were identified for specific roles within the organisation so that the overall framework for managing the new teams would be in place. Wellbeing Works assessed these individuals and advised on suitability.


The target was to have all 39 candidates either in place or offered and accepted a role within 90 days. Wellbeing Works achieved 36 in the time frame with the remaining number being appointed in the following month.

The client has subsequently exceeded its expected revenue and project margins with 36 of the appointees still in post some 2 years later.

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