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My time as an intern at Wellbeing Works

I Joined the Wellbeing Works team in January as an intern after I graduated from the University of Hull in 2019, with a degree in Psychology. It was a three-month placement that was partially funded by Hull University.

I was keen to work for a business that recognises and values Psychological Safety, especially as I could contribute what I learn during my time studying psychology.

Over my three months working at wellbeing Works I was given an array of responsibilities, which allowed me to learn new skills and develop my knowledge.

My main responsibilities consisted of;

  • Managing social media accounts: I developed a social media plan and the content for the Wellbeing Works LinkedIn page whilst raising the awareness of the business and our Team Works tool. In doing this I successfully grew the follower count from 177 to the current number of 1,376.


  • Writing blogs: I created my own platform to write blogs relating to Psychological Safety and the importance of employee wellbeing at work, these blogs are now featured on our recently launched Team Works website. Some of the blogs are written about the experiences I have had at various networking events where I developed my contacts.


  • Networking: Each month I put together an events diary of all the relevant networking events nearby. I aim to go to at least two networking events a week, which I thoroughly enjoy. Over the last 3 months I have attended some fantastic events where I have met potential clients and built relationships with them, and now I continue to network online.


  • Developing new content: During my 3 months we worked to rebuild the Team Works branding for the website and brochures, to which I helped develop the new content, and created sector specific infographics. Moving forwards, I am currently supporting the development of our new tool Board Works.

Whilst having these responsibilities I have also enjoyed the flexibility of working from a variety of locations to fit in with mine and my teams’ busy schedules.

I have absolutely loved these last 3 months at Wellbeing Works, I am excited to be a now permanent member of such a fantastic team and looking forward to my future within the business.

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