Case Studies

Case Studies

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A local authority

Talent Assessment

A local authority was recruiting a director of adult and children’s services. This followed a difficult Care Quality Commission inspection. There was a need to integrate services more closely with neighbouring NHS trusts.

Wellbeing Works asked candidates to complete a range of online assessments which included psychometric tests, a skills potential test and telephone validation interviews.


Using our expertise in executive recruitment, Wellbeing Works were able to compare test results against the trust’s competence requirements.

We provided an in-depth analysis of the suitability of each candidate for the role, assessing their:

  • skills potential level in each of the challenging areas
  • likely approach to the role
  • skills and weaknesses in the leadership aspects of the post

For each candidate, a set of interview questions were designed to test out their strengths and weaknesses – this ensured that the panel could make an informed choice about who to appoint.


Each candidate received in-depth feedback on their reports. The successful candidate also received a detailed development report to enable them to function optimally in the role.

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