Becoming a licensee enables you to run your own Team Works reports in different organisations.


Becoming a Licensee…

We are seeking professionals who would like to use the Team Works tool either in the organisation they work in or to support the businesses they work with.

Improving psychological safety



In-house Practitioner

Working in a large organisation or business with many Teams can have its own challenges therefore we would like to ensure that you have access to Team Works instantly to monitor and manage the Wellbeing of your Teams.

We offer a full day’s training on Psychological Safety and how to use the Team Works tool, if a team of HR Practitioners will be involved in the roll out and delivery of Team Works, they are all welcome to attend.

We can support you to identify how to split your workforce to ensure that you get Team data at a granular level but also consolidated results of the whole workforce if required.

While our reports contain a lot of automated text, we will also explain in more detail what the data is telling you, so that you can recognise and identify key findings in the results.

There are a number of interventions to choose from at the end of the report, during the training we will show you how to identify and choose, which are the most relevant to your Team.

Unlimited support via our telephone helpline.

Independent Consultant

As an Independent Consultant. Team Works is a unique tool that you can offer to your clients, offering real, measurable results, it can be used to diagnose the issues that an organisation is facing and the results will form the basis for which package of support can be offered.

We require you to attend our full day’s training on Psychological Safety, where you will also be shown how to use the Team Works tool effectively.

Our Business Development Manager can offer sales strategy support, helping you to identify how to offer this new service to your existing and new clients.

You will be supplied with a marketing pack of materials, such as logos, postcards, case studies, sector specific literature, which can be branded with your company logo and a range of email templates.

Unlimited support via our telephone helpline.

Master Licence Holder

An Independent Consultant can upgrade to a Master Licence if they are in a position to sell a licence to a client, organisation or other independent consultant.

We will organise the full day’s training to ensure that those buying a licence from you are fully trained in Psychological Safety and how to use the Team Works tool.

You will manage your licence holders through our efficient Team Works dashboard and offer telephone support if possible.

The marketing pack will be available for your licence holders and we will support them to feel an integral part of the Team Works community.

Current Licence Holders
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