Leadership development programme

Measure and develop leadership skills

Leadership Development Programme

Wellbeing Works has two specific pathways for those interested in developing leadership. These are a comprehensive Leadership Development Programme and a course on Psychological Safety for Leaders and Managers.

The Leadership Development Programme consists of a range of 1-day courses covering topics such as:

  • Leadership
  • Managing performance
  • Leading and implementing change
  • Engaging the generations
  • Coaching and developing others
  • Crucial conversations

Each of these provide practical opportunities to develop key leadership skills. For further information and to book any courses, please contact us.

leadership development

Psychological Safety for Leaders and Managers

Psychological Safety for Leaders and Managers is a programme designed for managers who wish to explore and understand the need for and benefit of a psychologically safe workplace. It provides the route for improved wellbeing and increased performance for you and your teams.

Wellbeing Works will focus on the actions and behaviours that drive psychological responsibility. It identifies how those actions and behaviours enable the psychologically safe and responsible manager to create and maintain a psychologically safe workplace. It assesses the legal, financial and performance risks of the unsafe psychological workplace.

Topics covered include:

  • Physical and Psychological Safety – the links and differences.
  • Psychological Safety and Well-being – what is it?
  • Well-being and Performance – how are they linked in your workplace?
  • The Psychologically Safe Workplace – the benefits/risks.
  • Psychological Responsibility – what is it / why do it / self-assessment.
  • The Actions and Behaviours of the Psychologically Safe and Responsible Manager.
  • Creating a Psychologically Safe Workplace – practical actions – organisational and individual actions.
  • Observing Psychological Safety in the Workplace.
  • Programme outcomes for participants
  • Understand the need for a Psychologically Safe Workplace – legal, financial and performance facts, in your organisation.
  • Specify the links to Well-being and Performance in your organisation.
  • Identify the elements of a Psychologically Safe Workplace and Psychological Responsibility.
  • Understand how to measure your current position – use of audit tool.
  • Develop the behaviours of a Psychologically Safe and Responsible Manager.
  • Plan to create your own Psychologically Safe Workplace.

For more information about Psychological Safety, visit our blog and for further information on the programme, contact us today.

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