Wellbeing Works

for Policing

We understand how to work with you in a way that generates tangible results.


The police service is unique. Your environment is unlike any other. We provide a one-stop-shop to improve workforce wellbeing be if for officers or police staff or both.

Given the pressures you face, whether it’s financial, staffing levels, absence, the difficulty in abstracting officers for involvement in initiatives or covering absence, we understand how to help in a practical and credible way that generates tangible results.

What do we do?

Working with a range of commercial companies, we’ve proven we can integrate wellbeing into your HR processes, leading to highly motivated and high performing teams, with low absence and presenteeism rates.

Our team of experts can quickly understand how your organisation works, your priorities and preferences. Our bespoke approach is to find out what matters to you, collect data on those elements that contribute to improving your company, design and, (if needed) help implement solutions that make a difference.

What can we identify?

Examples of what we’ve worked on with companies to date include:

  • identifying who’s at risk of absence, why and at what cost
  • specifying the numbers of staff who will exercise discretionary effort and why
  • demonstrating the true level of presenteeism, its causes, costs and solutions
  • Providing an insight into projected labour turnover; using your company’s unique data to show how many staff are ‘thinking about finding another job,’ which we can correlate with specific causes identified in our wellbeing insight survey.


Solutions we can provide

Wellbeing Works uses this rich data and analysis to design practical solutions that will work for your organisation. Solutions can include:

  • job redesign
  • training your managers to be psychologically safe
  • creating performance systems that motivate and inspire
  • helping teams to function optimally
  • delivering self-care workshops

Interested? If you’re a company who wants to know what valuable data and insight we can provide you with to help improve wellbeing and drive performance across your whole organisation, click here to get in touch.

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