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Wellbeing Works – brings you a new wellbeing offer!

We’re happy to announce the new brand of DrummondHR to Wellbeing Works. Wellbeing Works is focused around improving wellbeing in the workplace and delivering a real difference to employee engagement, as well as results reflecting improved performance in your company.

Hamish Moore, our chief executive and company founder has over 25 years’ experience in the wellbeing and performance arena and has worked with clients including Leeds Trinity University, British Engines, Legal and General, Northumbria NHS Trust, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue, Police Forces.

As creator of our wellbeing prediction tool Wbi, Hamish is a pioneer in the industry, specialising in creating work environments that enable people to thrive.

Speaking from the company’s head office in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Hamish commented on why now is the right time to launch the new brand DrummondHR:

“Ensuring employees are well and engaged in the workplace is crucial. Myself and the team have been working in this arena for well over 25 years and have seen for ourselves the kind of significant and measurable results improving overall employee wellbeing and engagement can deliver for the overall organisation, including increasing organisational performance and reducing the level of absenteeism. We have a lot of evidence available to back this approach.

Hamish Moore

That’s why we decided to bring the brand forward and package our offering more effectively. Namely, because we specialise in dealing with wellbeing in the workplace in terms of how it affects engagement and performance; addressing at the granular level how this affects the individual, the team and the overall organisation.

Wellbeing Works collaborates with organisations who want to improve the overall wellbeing of their workforce and increase performance and productivity. Improvements made in these areas generally has significant impact on organisations, particularly in areas such as reducing sickness absence, reducing staff turnover, reducing recruitment and training costs, improving staff morale and improving company reputation. Our precision solutions are data-driven, based on proven methods and analysis.

For example, our Wbi tool comprises a 10 minute questionnaire to staff members.Data gathered from Wbi reports can help employers to implement positive changes in the workplace in areas such as managerial style, job constructs and effort through improving wellbeing and resilience levels.

The Wbi tool was developed with experts in predictive analysis from Newcastle University, so unlike other wellbeing predictive tools that just ‘hope’ to achieve results, our Wbi is proven, effective and unlike any other: it puts us firmly at the forefront of the ‘workplace wellbeing’ field.

As part of our new brand, and due to our expert knowledge in this field, we’ve spent time crafting our unique and innovative 7 Key Elements to Wellbeing, covering the areas of learning, talent, teamwork, leadership, strategy and performance – with wellbeing in the workplace at the heart of everything we do. Using this as the basis for our approach, we can actively and effectively improve employee wellbeing across whichever of the key areas our client feels need addressing in order to achieve a range of benefits.”

Simon Frances, Wellbeing Consultant, who has worked closely with Hamish for the last two years, has been responsible for delivering many wellbeing in the workplace improvement projects, commented on why he thinks the approach that Wellbeing Works use when addressing their clients is successful:

“We don’t use a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We get to quickly understand your organisation, your needs and preferences. We use data analysis to provide evidence-based solutions to help organisations like yours.  Together we achieve optimal performance by improving employees wellbeing; what’s more we offer a range of solutions, services and programmes tailored specifically towards your organisations and their needs. Over the years we’ve worked with a range of organisations from businesses and professional services, to manufacturing companies, local authorities, the police and NHS trusts. Our solutions are always specific to your organisation. We analyse your needs at source we come up with tailored solutions that deliver real results.”

Do you think your organisation or team could benefit from improving employee wellbeing? Then contact the Wellbeing Works team today to find out the range of solutions and services we could offer you.








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